Marion Powers

Vocalist/ Educator

Whether music is your passion, hobby or extra curricular activity, my goal is to aid and improve your skills as a new or educated musician. I have always had a passion for music, and as my passion has grown, so has my desire to share what I have learned by making the learning process enjoyable and accessible. Together we will work toward creating and accomplishing goals specially crafted in the way that works best for you. 


Beginner to intermediate level/ All ages. Styles include classical and jazz

In lessons we will work on the following:

  • Proper Posture

  • Proper technique

  • An understanding of music theory including chord structure and note identification

  • Improved coordination and increased memory and self discipline

  • Practice technique

  • Improved reading and writing skills as well as ear training and sight reading

Voice Lessons

I teach a variety of styles including jazz, classical, pop, country, blues, etc.

What I can help you improve:

  • Pitch accuracy

  • Proper breathing technique

  • Vocal technique for various styles

  • Performance Skills

  • Effective warm ups for various styles

  • Pitch accuracy

  • Memorization

  • Better developed range

  • Better developed skills in sight reading and ear training

  • Improved theory and aural skills

* lesson rates vary depending on location and duration.

Marion is an amazing voice teacher. She has a clear and comprehensive knowledge of techniques used in all styles of singing - placement, tone, support; how to improve pitch and facility. Her teaching style is very observant and informing - she clearly notes areas that can be improved and provides a road map to achieve that improvement. She understands where a student is in their journey and meets the student there - helping them move forward at their own best pace, to achieve their goals as singers.

She has an extensive understanding of jazz styles and improvisation, as well as pop and theater styles. She is able to clearly illuminate technical and stylistic issues and explain and demonstrate the way to move forward, allowing the student to see notable improvement in their skills, if they put in the practice time!
— Lynne Rutherford- Denton, TX
My 17-year old daughter has been taking piano lessons with Marion for over a year. We’ve always felt our daughter had innate musical talent but were hesitant to begin lessons due to her learning disabilities. Marion is the perfect teacher for her. She has shown great patience with her and has adjusted her teaching to suit the learning disabilities of my daughter. Marion knows when to push and when to back off, allowing my daughter to progress at her own pace. We love seeing our daughter enjoy new confidence in herself and her abilities.
— Debbie F.- Bartonville, TX
My daughter who is 13 has been taking lessons with Marion Powers for over 2 years. She truly loves Marion’s patient teaching skills and her company. Marion has a very peaceful, funny, yet persistent way of moving my daughter forward with her lessons. With Marion being able to have lessons in our house it takes away the “hurry up get in the car” stress. We couldn’t ask for a better set up. Not once have I heard I don’t want to continue. Her advancement has been considerable.
— Debi K- Argyle, TX
Both my children 12 and 9 have trained with Marion for a year now with incredible success. They have begun a musical transformation with weekly lessons, daily practice and innovative practice apps that they love to use. The integration of available technology in note memorization has allowed for a positive learning experience that makes Mom happy! In home lessons are another invaluable level of convenience for the busiest of families.
— Kari N.- Bartonville, TX


To Book a lesson please contact me at:

or call 617-529-6579